1924 - 1948-9

Morris Greenblatt was opened a small casting foundry
in 1902 called "the Nubian Art Company"
and latter in 1909 another castings foundry,
"the Boston Plastic Art Company".

The " A.M.Greenblatt Studios "
was opened in 1924 until 1948-9.
Two Huge Rose Basket Doorstops were
made in 1925, nearly identical in design.
One made by Greenblatt Studios of Boston, MA &
the other by LACS, both highly respected foundries
competing with Hubley of Lancaster, PA at the time.
This large cast iron "Basket of Roses" was one
of the first doorstops to be produced
by the AM Greenblatt Studio & it is marked on the back,
"# 28 Copyright 1925 by A.M. Greenblatt Studios".
(Both Rose Baskets are shown on this website)
These early doorstop castings were hand-painted at the
Greenblatt Studios by highly respected craftsmen,
and were sold in the finer shops. These castings
were painted with several layers of thick enamel paint
adding even more dimension and depth to the perception
of the already finely detailed casting.
Greenblatt Studios made some of the most durable and
well-made doorstops of the time, and they command some
of the highest prices among antique doorstops today.


1. You would almost always see :   A M GREENBLATT STUDIOS & a Design Number

2. Sometimes Copyright Date was added like : COPYRIGHT 1925 or COPYRIGHT 1927

3. Seldom, BOSTON, MASS was added

Greenblatt Studio is most noted for:
U.S. Frigate Constitution
the 1927 "Whimsical Dog"
the 1927 "Halloween Cat"
the 1925 "Clipper Ship"
the 1925 "Sulgrave Manor, Home of George Washington" # 1
the1926 "the Old Mill # 3"
SHIP in Waves # 5
the 1925 "Gloucester Lighthouse" # 8
U.S. Frigate Constitution # 10
the 1925 "Duck 'N' Dog" # 11
Peacock On Fence # 12
the 1927 "Ann Hathaway Cottage" # 14
Halloween Cat # 19
the 1927 "Sitting Cat" # 20
the 1928 "Elephant With Tree" # 24
the 1925 "Basket of Roses" # 28
"Flower Basket" # 36
the 1927 "Mixed Flowers Basket" # 38
"Parrot with a Glass Eye" # 40
"Flower Basket" # 49