Detecting "Multi-Piece" Reproductions    

A. Attaching the Pieces

A Flat Head Screw
is what was used to hold
the old Original pieces together
(rarely Hubley Dogs) used a Bolt


If a
"Phillips Head"
is used
the Doorstop
is a

Do not take apart multi-piece doorstops if the screw head is painted over.
An undesireable void in the paint will result.

B. The Seams
Edges that do not fit together properly or
leave a gap that is not uniform is a sign of a Reproduction.
Below is a Reproduction of Popeye showing Seams that have too much Gap.
Note- the view on the right shows the two halves do not fit together properly.
Below are 2 examples of the Way the Seams should Fit

C. The Bottom
Some Reproductions try to save money by using less cast iron.
This is usually done on the bottom where it is not seen.
Note the 2 different bottom constructions on Fido doorstops below.

The Reproduction

The Antique Original
No 2 piece antique doorstop used a bottom with gaps
like those shown on the above reproduction.
Gaps on the bottom are commonly used on reproductions of Aunt Jemima.