Sometimes, the foundry identified their doorstops
by marking the back usually with a mold number.
If a doorstop is not marked, does not mean, it is not original.
Sometimes, the foundry would mark the same doorstop and sometime not.

Some foundries had hundreds of molds so using a mold number marked
on the back was a convenient way to know which mold made it.
Some doorstops have an extra number like a 1 or 2 near the appropiate marking.
This was a way to to keep track of the latest revision of that mold.

  Warning :   To Produce an Exact Copy an Old Original Doorstop is Fraud !  
The Fraud is the same as someone who copies a famous painting.
Doorstop forgers will copy the shape and colors of the front identically,
but, not wanting to be illegal, won't duplicate the manufacturer's mark.
That is why, upon identication, manufacturer markings can be trusted .
And, most importantly, upon identification, can be used to verify Authenticity.

This is why it is always desireable to have to maker's mark on the doorstop.
To identify the Markings of many American Foundries:
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In 1948, John Wright bought the old Hubley molds which would
produce Hubley doorstops with their original markings.
To escape being fraudulent, John Wright added their own markings
in addition to the original maker's mark,

Backside of John Wright's
Copy of Hubley's Doorstop "Goldenrods"

Some Foundry Marking Characteristics
NATIONALsometimes used a hardwitten script to mark their numbers.
HUBLEYused a 1-3 Digit Typewritten Style Number on the back
or they place a sticker containing their logo on the back

    Or, they did both
Latter, Hubley (above the design number 300)
to the backs of some Flower Baskets:
JUDDusually marked their doorstoop with a 1200 number (12XX)
L.A.C.S.marked "L.A.C.S." and a "3 Digit Number in the 700's"
LITTCOnever marked their doorstops, they placed a label on the base or back
B&H The Green Pebble Back

Two protrusions on backside
with rubber bumpers

The Letters: B H encompassed by a logo


        "Markings" Revealing a Reproduction    

written in Script

never used script
Any Doorstop Marked
Doorstops are made
by Nationalist China
Any Doorstop Marked "JOHN WRIGHT or JW

Any Doorstop Marked
Doorstops are made
By Robert Emig,
A Moderrn Foundry"
Any Doorstop Marked
These are both modern foundries